Renee goes above and beyond with her services. Not only does she address the issues you come to see her for, but also seeks to bring your whole body into balance. I’ve been receiving acupuncture treatments for migraines and sinus issues, and I’ve been migraine free for over 4 months. She has also helped me improve my sleep, make better habits and be more aware of how I’m feeling overall.
— Phoebe P.

This was my first time doing acupuncture so I was a little nervous at first. Renee made the experience wonderful for me. I felt very comfortable and at ease. It is very relaxing and I have shown HUGE improvements in my anxiety and am sleeping better too! She is wonderful to work with and is very knowledgeable about her work. I would highly recommend anyone to go see her as I will be continuing to as well!
— Krystal R.

I started getting acupuncture with Cultivate about two months ago and have already seen major positive changes. Renee is professional, knowledgeable, and in tune with the needs of others. She takes care of the overall health. Cultivate has been a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to everyone.
— Lisa L.

Renee is extremely knowledgeable, professional and compassionate about her clients mental and physical well-being. I am very impressed by her services and will be a regular client.
— Kelly C.

As a newcomer to acupuncture, I feel so fortunate to have have found Renee and Cultivate! Renee has helped (is teaching) me to understand the causes and effects of my body with her wide reaching base of knowledge and experience. The atmosphere is comfortable. I have been grateful for the effects on my mind, body and spirit from her holistic approach.
— Kelsie H.

I came to Cultivate because my regular gynecologist said that I had PCOS and that the only way to help my symptoms was to take medication, but when I came to Renee, she knew exactly how to help me with my issues without having to take the medications. She helped me so much! I would highly suggest seeing her!
— Amy D.

I started going to see Renee after my arms started going numb while sleeping. Not only did my numbing go away after my first visit but I overall felt relieved, all the stresses I walked in with were faded! I can not say enough great things about her practice. If you’re looking for natural healing look no further!
— Madelynn W.

Love Renee and her professional work. I enjoy every experience and find tremendous benefits when I receive treatments. From women’s health to allergies acupuncture has been a true healing modality.
— Ashley W.