Fertility & IFV

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine can in increase fertility in many ways- regulating your cycles, lengthening a short luteal phase, increasing thickness and quality of uterine lining and increasing cervical fluid. You will be coached to answer questions such as: "When are my peak fertile days?" and “which dietary and lifestyle suggestions should I use to improve fertility naturally?” Every woman’s body is different therefore she will need a customized plan to meet her fertility needs. Many women find that they will not need to resort to IVF or IUI after series of acupuncture treatments and herbal formulas.

During IVF/IUI...

For IVF patients, clinical research has shown that acupuncture before and after embryo transfer increases both pregnancy rates and live birth rates up to 40%, increases the thickness and quality of the endometrial tissue, and decreases cortisol. In the months leading up to preparing for an IVF or IUI cycle, acupuncture is recommended once weekly to prepare your body for the process, which can be both emotionally and physically stressful. If women are able to take Chinese herbs in the months leading up to an IVF cycle, they can have more eggs retrieved, lower FSH, and thicker endometrium than in previous cycles. For both IVF and IUI, overall patients report that they experience less stress and decreased unpleasant side effects due to fertility medications than in cycles without acupuncture.



I am excited to say I AM PREGNANT and I know Renee had a hand errrr... needle in that!
— Maggie L.