Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is one of the oldest and greatest herbal systems in the world. Together with Ayurvedic (Indian) herbal medicine, it forms the longest unbroken clinically researched and applied herbal medical science in the world.

 Many people in the West do not realize that Chinese herbal medicine is the true "backbone" of Chinese, or Oriental, medicine, with acupuncture and other therapies traditionally viewed as secondary. While most people seek out acupuncture as a primary therapy for pain and illness in the West, quite the opposite is true in the East. Chinese herbs are in fact the "Internal Medicine" of Chinese medicine--herbs are the first line of treatment used for signs of internal imbalance or illness.

 At Cultivate, we use modern, easy to use Herbal Formulations that are pesticide and additive free so that you can feel safe taking an herbal supplement prescribed by a qualified Doctor of Chinese Medicine. Adding an herbal remedy to your treatment plan will expedite the process of regaining balance within the body. Formulas are taken orally in the form of teas, concentrated tinctures, or tablets.

womens formula.jpg

Women’s Formula

For a Balanced Menstrual Cycle…

Women’s Formula is taken on a monthly basis after the Menstrual cycle has ended (once natural bleeding has concluded). The formula is taken twice daily for about 5-10 days, helping create a more natural and peaceful hormonal month for the cycle ahead. Best results are experienced after approximately two cycles, with benefits that can be rather profound. Dispensed in a yummy raspberry flavor in easy to use single effervescent packets that can be added to room temperature or hot water.

The formula is especially suited for:

  • Women seeking a more natural and balanced cycle

  • Those looking to find cycle regularity

  • Supporting the natural start of one’s cycle after childbirth

  • For those who are emotionally depleted after one’s cycle has ceased

  • As part of the fertility process

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xiao yao san

Happy Tea :)…

The tea for everyone!

Xiao yao san is said to address a variety of conditions, such as: 

In addition, xiao yao san is thought to alleviate stress, balance hormones, and improve your mood. It balances seratonin, GABA, and dopamine.

Xiao yao san is used to stimulate the digestive system and treat digestion-related health troubles, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

In TCM, xiao yao san is used for conditions involving "liver qi stagnation", which is sometimes said to be a contributing factor in mood swings, pain, irritability, constipation, abdominal pain, PMS, and irregular menstrual periods. 


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For the Sensitive Digestion System…

Balance for an American Diet

Digestive Harmony

Most Traditional Chinese medical doctors believe digestion conditions have two elements: the overindulgence in food and drink or an underlying deficiency in the primary organs of digestion, the spleen and stomach. According to Chinese medical theory, the first cause is generally the most important for adults. When we eat rich and hard-to-digest foods, when we skip meals (or try to get by on a snack) and then overeat at the next one, we are all in danger of getting a bout of indigestion. Too often, we let busy schedules take precedence over regular meal times. At other times, we may get ourselves in trouble by failing to understand what foods can be hard on our stomachs.

In general, raw and uncooked foods, particularly certain fruits and vegetables, such as cabbage, broccoli, onions, etc. require more effort to digest and may challenge a delicate digestion system. That means that foods we often consider “healthy” can in some situations upset our stomachs.

Digestive Harmony has proved to be our most popular formula, both from the perspectives of effectiveness and taste.  The formula is composed of 8 amazing herbs, with an orange-chai flavor combination that is a crowd favorite. We recommend this formula for both short term digestive situations, along with another nourishing formula for longer-term digestive health.  Dispensed in a yummy Orange Chai flavor in easy to use single effervescent packets that can be added to room temperature or hot water.

  • For those seeking a timeless herbal solution for digestive health.

  • For those who requiring something to make them feel settled after a meal.

  • It’s great for after over-indulging (i.e. eating too much).

  • Some people use it to prevent hangovers.  

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mental tranquility.jpg

Mental Tranquility

For those who can’t quiet their mind…

The formula is especially suited for:

  • High type-A, stressed out personalities that cannot turn their mind off in the night

  • Those who can fall asleep, but have trouble staying asleep

  • Individuals seeking an alternative to melatonin

  • Students studying for exams, as the herbs help with mental recall and acuity

  • Constant, on-the-go, types who have a hard time shutting down and relaxing

    Dispensed in a yummy Cherry and Spice flavor in easy to use powder form that can be added to room temperature or hot water.

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Physical Tranquility

For the Restless and Overheated Sleeper…

Physical Tranquility is for the physically restless and overheated sleeper, who tosses and turns through the night, leaving them agitated and unsettled the next morning. Inspired by the classic Chinese herbal medicine formula Emperor of Heaven Elixir (Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan), this natural, non-habit forming sleep formula is designed to calm and cool the body during the night, delivering peaceful rest and more energy the next day. Used for hundreds of years, we’ve modernized it for a night of quality sleep you’ve never dreamed of. Dispensed in a yummy Blackberry Clove flavor in easy to use powder form that can be added to room temperature or hot water.

Physical Tranquility is great for:

  • Those who sleep hot in the night

  • The physically restless sleeper who tosses and turns

  • Those who experience evening agitation before bed

  • Women in the menopause phase of their lives

  • Establishing a quality, un-interrupted sleep pattern

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Botanical Skin Care

Rehydrate, Smooth, Rejuvenate

The Ancient Secret…Huang Qi

When it comes to skincare, we’re smart enough now to know that we should look to the East for all the latest innovations ,but sometimes, looking to the past can yield even more solutions than the present. After all, a Chinese empress had pore-less porcelain skin thousands of years before serums were invented, and a Japanese geisha knew how to cleanse her glowing complexion without the help of modern foaming cleansers. This cream fights free radicals, hydrates the skin, solves acne, repairs scarring, and is the ultimate in anti-aging.

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joint support

Joint Vitality

Joint Vitality is inspired by a classic herbal combination that’s been used for hundreds of years to support the lower back and strengthen joints for mobility. This formula offers a modern twist, pairing these herbs with collagen and coconut oil for added strength, flavor and vitality.

Mix with your coffee, add to almond milk, or upgrade your water with this powerful blend that will strengthen your joints and lower back.

Joint Vitality is great for:

Strengthening Your Lower Back

Joint Support, Strength & Maintenance

Increasing Mobility, Naturally

Active Athletes Seeking Joint Maintenance

Those Seeking Strength to Support Aging Joints

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